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Abosrbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries have become more popular over recent times as leisure batteries due to their sealed construction and deep cycle ability. The name AGM comes from the type of separator used inbetween the battery plates. This construction also gives great vibration resistance and also helps greatly with acid stratification.

AGM Batteries are oftened confused with GEL batteries as they can look identical from the outside. But it is important to know which you have or need.


These batteries are also known as VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead Acid) Batteries, as there are pressure valves built into the lids to allow excess pressure to escape if necessary whilst keeping the internals of the battery in a pressurised environment.

AGM batteries are great and provide a cost effective solution for large installations where the charging is carefully controlled using the correct charging equipment.


As always we re-iterate the need to ensure the correct charging regime and equipment is used if you have or chose to have AGM batteries installed to get a good trouble free life from them.

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