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Here at we aim to provide great leisure batteries and associated products to our customers. Our range of products is always growing and we are more than happy to receive feedback from our customers to improve both the products we offer as well as the service.


It has been extremely confusing for many leisure users of batteries to work out what is the right leisure battery for their uses or the best leisure battery. Unfortunately it still remains a difficult subject with the huge variety of batteries suitable for the vast range of leisure battery users from the occasional twice a year caravan or motorhome user who always uses EHU (electric hook up) to the more outwardly adventurous amongst us that do "wild camping" for extended periods multiple times a year or the user who requires his bank of domestic batteries to provide power on his live aboard canal boat day after day.


We will always try to offer the correct battery for the user.... so we encourge customers to drop us an email with their requirements so that we can ensure you get the right product for "you"



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