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We are all human so on the odd occasion we may get it wrong, and possibly you may select the wrong product.


If we get it wrong..

If the item delivered by us is not as stated on the invoice and order confirmation then we will arrange for it to be collected at our expense.

We ask that you let us know immediately by telephone or email that you have received the wrong item.

We will then speak to our carriers and you to try and arrange a day that the package can be collected.

Please ensure you keep all the original packaging and re-pack it safe and secure for the return journey.



If you get it wrong..

If you order the wrong item by mistake, you will be able to return it for a refund.

We ask that you let us know as soon as possible (within 7 days of receipt).

Please also let us know when you will be sending it back and include a copy of your receipt/invoice with the item so that we can ensure a refund is processed.

If you are not able to send it back, we can arrange for a courier to collect, however this will be charged to cover our costs.

Please ensure you keep and use all the original packaging and re-pack it safe and secure for the return journey.

Unfortunately we will not be able to refund the complete amount as a small fee will have to be deducted to cover the original cost of carriage out to you.

Warranty Information


All items we sell is covered by a return to base warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.


The length of warranty will vary on product, brand, type and use.


Modern batteries develop very few manufacturing faults. These are limited to :

  • Internal Short Circuits/Bad Cells

  • Broken internal cell welds

  • Incorrect heat sealing of lid to the case


Any warranty is valid only for the intended use of the battery only. It will not be valid if the battery is used in the wrong type of application, i.e. a starter battery in a deep cycle application.

Any warranty is valid for consumer use only. Batteries used in commercial and industrial applications or multi shift vehicles will have a maximum of 6 months warranty.


Failure due to the following is not covered :

  • Over cycling

  • Over charging

  • Sulphation

  • Abuse/Misuse

  • Addition of additives

  • Physical Damage

  • Improper installation


The warranty is limited to the battery supplied by ourselves only. We will not be liable for any other damages or losses whether direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise.


In the event of a product replaced under warranty, the warranty term will continue from the initial purchase date only. undertakes to repair or replace a product that fails under the terms of its warranty at its discretion. If the item is no longer available or been discontinued a similar item will be offered in its place, or under the sole discretion of a pro-rata sum of money can be offered for the remaining term of the warranty.


All batteries will detriorate over time as this is the natural function of the product. However over discharging, not recharging properly or leaving it in a partial state of charge will cause internal damage leading to early failure, this is not covered under any warranty.


Battery Warranty Periods

Batteries used in commercial, industrial or multi shift vehicles will have a maximum of 6 months warranty

Batteries used in Leisure applications have a 24 month warranty this includes Exide, Banner Energy Bull, Denka and Powerbatt products


The battery warranty covers manufacturing faults only, please see above for more information.



How long a battery actually lasts will depend hugely on how it's used and charged, so please make sure you 


1. Select the correct product for how you are going to use it - this relates to both battery type and size

2. Ensure you have the appropriate charger - remember different battery types may require different charging regimes

3. Keep the battery fully charged at all times


Please see our articles on selecting the right battery and battery maintenance to ensure a great lifespan.


Should you have a problem with a product we supplied please contact us

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