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GEL batteries have long been seen as the ultimate for deep cycle performance and have been around since the 1930's.


GEL batteries are still using the basic principles of lead acid batteries, however the sulphuric acid has silica added to it to immobilise the liquid, this coupled with higher quality materials and better internals allow GEL batteries to give many 100's of cycles at very deep discharges.


This construction method also makes them safer, and more robust in many applications making them a popular choice for industrial deep cycle installations ranging for telecoms backup supply to industrial floor cleaners. GEL batteries continue to be used in, and fitted as original equipment in power hungry and heavy leisure battery applications such as motorhomes and yachts.


It is important to note that the charging regime of a high quality GEL battery is different to that of both WET and AGM batteries. If you have a GEL battery as fitted by the builder of your boat/caravan/motorhome it is likely the charging has been setup for GEL batteries. Therefore you would need a GEL battery to replace it.

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