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20cm Eyelet to Eyelet Distance


All our Preformed Battery Cables use high quality Battery Cables manufactured in the UK.
These are extra flexible and resistant to Petrol, Lubricating Oils and diluted acids
Single Insulated
Plain Copper Conductors
PVC Insulated
-15C to +70C


Don't let your battery cables be the weak link in your installation.

Badly made or faulty cable connections are dangerous and can cause excessive heat possibly leading to causing a fire.


If you have a specific cable requirement email us on We custom make cables to customers requirements.

BATTERY LINK CABLE - 40mm sq - 20cm Length

£6.99 Regular Price
£5.59Sale Price
  • Eyelet to Eyelet Length : 20cm

    TERMINAL ENDS - 10mm Eyelets

    Conductor Specification : 539/0.30

    Conductor Cross Section : 40 mm2

    Nominal Current Rating : 300 Amps

    Max. Overall Diameter : 12.7mm

    Resistance Per M @ 20C : 0.0005 Ohms


    Excellent as a battery link lead for combining or adding batteries to a current battery bank.

    Most Leisure Batteries are 17.5cm wide, so our 20cm cable allows for a little flex and leeway in the installation

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