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Heavy Duty Flat Plate Deep Cycle Battery

Designed for very heavy deep cycle use, excellent for use in house/domestic power situations or to connect to renewable energy supply.

Features extra thick heavy duty plates with special active mass formulation and deep cycle glass matt separators.

These batteries are also used for large ride on golf carts, floor scrubbers, industrial machinery, cherry pickers, e-gators and many other electric vehicle applications.

6V 225Ah GC2 - 105 (T105/CR225)

  • TYPE : GC2-105 (T105/CR225) 6V Ah : 225(C20) Length :264mm Width :181mm Height :276mm (total height including terminals) Terminals are a low profile stud post suitable for both normal round post connection or cable with eyelets Pair two of these up to make a great 12V 225Ah industrial deep cycle battery. ** REQUIRES PALLET DELIVERY - ENSURE ACCESS FOR LARGE TRUCK**
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