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DENKA AGM Batteries provide a completely sealed non-spillable lead acid battery with valve regulated absorbed glass matt technology

The batteries feature specially designed plates and active material to ensure great long life.
The AGM separators provide excellent vibration resistance and helps prevent acid stratification.

AGM batteries are used for a huge variety of applications such as:
Solar/Renewable Energy

Cycle Life is approximately 750Cycles @ 50% D.O.D

**Please note AGM batteries require up to date an modern charging specifically designed for AGM batteries. Please ensure your charging system is compatible

DK122300C - 12V 230Ah(C10) AGM Battery

  • Ah (C5) : Ah (C10) : 230 Length : 521mm Width : 269mm Height : 203mm Terminal : M8 Bolt down, positive right as shown in the picture. Automotive post adaptors available, see accessories
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