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DURACELL now offer a premium Deep Cycle Leisure Battery to the UK.
Heavy Duty Construction with full size semi-traction plates and glass matt technology ensure a long and reliable service life under heavy discharge conditions.

Manufactured in Austria by the leading European Leisure battery factory

DURACELL DL115 Deep Cycle 135Ah (c100) 115Ah (c20)

£183.00 Regular Price
£159.00Sale Price
  • Ah (C5) : 90

    Ah(C20) : 115

    Ah(C100): 135

    Length : 350mm

    Width : 175mm

    Height : 230mm

    Terminal Layout : 0

    With the terminals facing you as in the picture, the positive terminal is on the right hand side

    - Accessible Vent Plugs for topping up during heavy use

    - Anti Spill Lid with backfire protection

    - Top V3 Vibration resistance to EN50342-1

    - Glass Matt Separators

    - Semi Traction Technology

    - OE Fitment

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