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RING Automotive has been a provider of products for over 40 years and is exported to over 70 countries worldwide.

RING provides a huge variety of chargers able to charge the smallest to the largest batteries including WET, GEL, AGM and other lead acid battery types.

The range of RING chargers we stock are completely automatic multistage chargers that can be left on the battery indefinitely for it to charge and maintain the battery during non-use.

RING RSC601 0.8A Maintenance Charger

£39.99 Regular Price
£35.99Sale Price
  • MODEL : RSC601 - LED indicators show specific charging mode selected. - Maintenance charge setting. - Polarity protection for correct connection. - Fully insulated battery clips for safe protection during connection. Includes Terminal connectors to hardwire with detachable weatherproof plug. Suitable to for : 2Ah to 32Ah (Charging) 2Ah to 100Ah (Maintenance)
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