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Importance of Good Battery Terminal Connection & Leads

Most people are aware that you need a good connection with your battery and your application.

The results of a bad or inappropriate connection could mean a shorter battery life, blown fuses and possibly fire.

The battery connection starts with the battery terminal, here you must always ensure a good tight clean connection. Dirt/grit or a loose connection can create a gap or resistance between the battery and the connection which can lead to extreme heat during high current draws and cause the terminal and the battery melt with the high possibility of a fire. This bad connection will also lead to improper charging from the engines alternator or mains hook-up. which will reduce the life of your battery.

It is also advisable to use an anti corrosion covering once connected, this can simply be a thin coating of some good grease/vaseline or battery specific terminal coatings. This will help prevent oxidation of the terminal, and maintain a good connection especially if the battery is in a position that can be subject to damp or the elements.

When changing the battery you should also always check the leads, as frayed or badly connected battery leads can also cause improper battery charging and be a big fire hazard.

While your there think about the size of the battery cable. If a basic installation has had many accessories or additional items added to it, is the battery cable size/thickness still appropriate or is there a need to look at a larger battery cable to handle more current with less resistance.

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